Photo of Kari Unmata

Kari VanderZwaag

Kari VanderZwaag has been teaching and performing various forms of Tribal Fusion Bellydance since 2000.

She started her bellydance path with American Tribal Style® (ATS®) under Suzanne Dante, Invades of the Heart, Davis CA (2000-2004).  She was also the Director of Sacred Ground, an ATS® troupe in Sacramento, CA (2004-2006). Other forms of dance she studied for inspiration from 2000-2006 include Flamenco and Hula / Tahitian.  

Kari received the highly honored invitation to join UNMATA in 2006. The four current members of UNMATA have been together since 2008.  A true testament of teamwork, the magic of Amy, Shelly, Kari and Sarah; and the brilliance of Amy Sigil. Kari currently travels both nationally and internationally to perform with UNMATA, teach Fusion and Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) workshops,  and assists Director Amy Sigil in workshops and ITS Certification Intensives.  She is an ITS Certified Teacher and is responsible for conducting Certification Tests for the ITS format.  When she is not traveling, Kari teaches weekly ITS & Fusion classes at Hot Pot Studios in Sacramento, CA.