More to come with Unmata:

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September, Wednesdays 4, 11, 18, 25: Wednesday evening classes at Everyday Fitness & Training 6:30pm-7:45pm in Redding, CA 

September, 5-8 Mezdulene Bellydance Retreat Myrtle Point Oregon  

September, 19-22 Essence of Bellydance Atlanta Georgia  

October, 14-18 Level 1-2 ITS Intensive Sacramento California at Center Seven

October, 21-25 Level 3 ITS Intensive Sacramento California at Hot Pot Studios 

November, 1-3 Raven's Night, Washington DC  

November, 8-10 Phoenix Rising Dance Festival, Phoenix Arizona 

November, 18-22 Level 4 ITS Intensive Sacramento California at Hot Pot Studios 


January, 31st - 2nd Amy Sigil 2020, Calgary CANADA  

February, 16-23 Bellydance Party Cruise  

March, 7-14: Tribal Massive, LAS VEGAS, NV  

April, 11-14: S.I.G.I.L intensive, Brighton UK  

April, 17-19: ESTONIA with Mari Koks 

April, 21-26: 21-26 Level 3 ITS Intensive, FRANCE 

May, 1-3: HUNGARY with Judit Joós 

May, 14-17:  Tribal Elevation Golden Colorado   

May, 23-27: Level 1&2 ITS Intensive - Rosario, ARGENTINA with Nadia Acosta  

June, 19-21 Salt Lake City Utah with Thia Kapos 

August and September: Dance Mechanics Moto Tour with Ashley Lopez  

October, 1-11 Taipei Taiwan with Kelli Li