More to come with Unmata:

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September 27-30: SIGIL Certification Course, SACRAMENTO, CA 

October 20-21: Amy SIGIL & Guests Bonus, Lyon FRANCE 

October 26-28: Infusion Emporium, Wolverhampton ENGLAND  

November 30th-December 2nd: Sigil soirée in Chicago, CHICAGO, IL  


Feb 21-24: Reigning Down On Oregon, SALEM, OR  

March 2-10: Tribal Massive, LAS VEGAS, NV  

April 11-14: Gulf Coast Raks 2019  

April 16-19: ITS Level 3, Aix en Provence, FRANCE with Taya Maki

April 19-22: Experimenstation Project & Workshops by Amy  Sigil & Ashley Lopez, Aix en Provence, FRANCE 

April 25-28: Tribal Fusion Express 2019, Roma ITALY 

May 3-5: Infusion Tallinn, ESTONIA 

June 7-9: Cairo ShimmyQuake, GLENDALE, CA  

August 9-11: JamBallah Northwest, PORTLAND, OR  

Sept. 21-23: Essence of Bellydance, ATLANTA, GA